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Visual Arts

New art exhibit on display

We are excited to feature the work of wildlife artist James “Jay” Perkins and landscape artist David Coffey in our visual arts exhibit.

Jay has been painting since the age of 3. His love for art would often get him in trouble in school. He fondly remembers an incident in class where he was sketching a pencil drawing when he should have been working on math problems assigned by the teacher. That passion and attention to details can be seen in his wildlife paintings today.

David finds inspiration in everything around him. He started painting a few years back and soon discovered he had a talent for painting Kentucky landscapes.

Both are juried members of the Little Mountain Guild of Artists and Craftsmen in Monticello, Sheltowee Artisans, and Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen.

The exhibit, which features some of their favorite pieces of art, is on display through Nov. 1.