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Network Operations Center

Data Center Specifications

Leaving the technical aspects of implementing and managing IT tools to trained technicians is critically important. The Center for Rural Development maintains a state-of-the-art Data Center and support facility just for that purpose.

General Facility Features

  • Facility Space –2,900 square feet
  • Network Operations Center/helpdesk
  • Under floor cable management and power distribution
  • 18” raised floor
  • 120/208V AC power

Security Systems

  • Biometric fingerprint readers
  • Proximity card access
  • Monitored HD video surveillance
  • Multi-tiered/zoned access

Environmental Controls/Redundancy

  • Dual Liebert System DS 22ton HVAC units
  • Monitored/controlled temperature and humidity
  • FE-25 dry fire suppression system
  • Twin, parallel Liebert NX 160KVA UPS systems
  • Redundant A/B side power distribution units
  • 350KW Kohler diesel generator –785 gallon tank

Network Infrastructure

  • Diverse fiber entry points
  • Redundant BGP/HSRP Internet access
  • 100Gb redundant core
  • 1Gb top-of-rack switched access ports
  • Proactive network monitoring


Richard Taylor
Executive Vice President

Shannon Carter
Systems Architect

Jonathan Foster
Enterprise Systems Engineer